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I’m thinking about doing more personal posts on here.

What do you guys think?

I like old decrepit things because I admire character and wisdom over a standard normality. For a tree cannot stand without its roots, and leaves fall every season.

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So I was ruffling around in the closets at my grandparent’s house and I found my great-grandfather’s hat.

Is it weird that one of my favorite words is exsanguination? It’s such a pretty word to say! :-)

Edit: Same with “masochistic self-flagellation”.

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So I’ve stopped being a wuss and finally put a blue streak in my hair. [bites nails] We’ll see how it turns out.

What do you say?

Should I put an electric blue streak in my hair tonight?

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This is how I drive :-∞

You are unique, just like everybody else.

It has been said to me many times that, “As an artist you have to be bold!” I completely disagree. Nearly everything in today’s society is considered art; an artist barely has to do anything to get noticed. And even if someone does decide to be bold there is not anything that has not already been done. So, when someone does try and do something original it usually does little to impress.  This is something as an artist, I could not live with. So, in my mind, the only thing you HAVE to do as an artist is produce works that YOU and you alone this is beautiful.

Don’t make me come over there.

Leggins are not pants. Friends don’t let friends wear ponchos. Stop it.

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weepiewillow-deactivated2012051 said: Hi ho.

[pout] I’m not a ho…



I have several. A sock money I’ve had all my life, a statue of the Virgin Mary, any of my drawings, my squished penny collection, my Harry Potter books, etc.

Most recent picture of me :-)